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Company profile:Pacific Gladstone Digital Finance
Pacific Gladstone Digital Finance Co., Ltd. was jointly established in 2021 by Union Pacific Company, Gladstone Capital Corp. and Citadel Castle Investment Company. The headquarters is established in Denver, USA, and in Europe and the United States. There are offices in major countries with more than 1,000 employees. The establishment of Pacific Gladstone Digital Finance Co., Ltd. aims to adapt to the integration of the global economy, respond to the impact of the epidemic on the traditional financial industry, combine traditional financial products with the emerging data economy, and develop cross-epochs and adapt to economic development New financial products. The company will focus on artificial intelligence, blockchain, digital transactions and other fields in the future.
Relying on the parent company's strong financial str ength and experience in trading financial products such as securities, futures and foreign exchange, the company has gathered a large number of talents in the fields of digital high-frequency trading technology, and continuously optimizes the structure of financial products and updates in the field of digital trading technology.
The main shareholders of Pacific Gladstone are Union Pacific Company (UNP) and Gladstone Capital Corp. (GLAD) Gladstone Capital and Citadel Castle Investment Company.
CEO,John Michael Lawson
CTO,Jon Brown
CIO,Craig Chois
GP,Lincoln Burrows
Executive meetings
Introduction: Pacific Exchange
PACIFIC It is a node distributed profitable digital asset trading platform based on high frequency trading, which is distributed all over the world 1000000 digital trading nodes to open up high-frequency trading of all digital currencies around the world. Pacific help agency Customers, investment consultants and individual investors enter the market with a low threshold, so that many cryptocurrency investors can support them at an early stage Only professional investment institutions can have powerful digital currency asset trading products as their own trading weapons, in order to obtain stable investment returns.
Pacific is Pacific glades Tong digital Finance Co., Ltd.
The company is operated by Union Pacific Company Headquartered in Denver, USA, it has offices in major European and American countries and employs more than 1000 people.Visit group companies to let you know more.
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Problems in digital asset trading
The price fluctuates greatly, and the trade has a great influence on many enterprises
Security of digital assets
Lack of regulation
There are technical loopholes
Malicious manipulation of currency price
Unable to obtain stable investment income
Pacific high frequency trading
In European and American countries, more than 80% of the transactions of financial products investment are completed by high-frequency transactions. High frequency trading is widely used in delay sensitive active trading strategies of dealers, hedge funds and other institutions. In digital asset transaction, the high frequency transaction of Pacific conforms to the following characteristics.
High speed Trading

The core feature of Pacifc high frequency trading is speed, which is higher than any existing trading platform, with about 2000 transactions per second

Single low profit

The profit of single transaction is low, but the quantity is huge, and the total profit is considerable

Microsecond response

ing orders are sent by computer, and the response delay to market data is microsecond

Ecological Application

Pacific provides an effective, fast, open, fair and safe digital asset trading ecosystem

Prophecy flow calculations
There are a total of 13 root servers worldwide, 10 of which are in the United States. The first-hand data comes from the root servers. The advantage of mastering the root server is equivalent to mastering massive amounts of data.
Grasp the root data = get first-hand information before anyone else
The accumulation of massive amounts of data collected by the root server is called "cloud computing"
The ultimate of "cloud computing" is "flow computing". "Flow" is like water flowing in a pipeline, so it can accurately predict the water flow position of the next node. Therefore, by calculating the "flow", a prediction with an accuracy of 100% can be made.
The world's original "prophecy flow" intelligent high-frequency trading
High frequency trading + root server = original prophecy streaming technology
Pacific Exchange has created a digital currency "prophetic flow" high-frequency trading system, using high-frequency trading to gain superior influence in the digital currency trading market. For individuals or institutions who want to obtain high profits in the digital currency trading market through high-frequency trading, the “prophetic flow” high-frequency trading model is a model worthy of reference.
Issue plan of Pacific Token
Pacific issued a total of 1 billion pieces. 90% or 900 million, mining output, applied to the whole ecological system of Pacific
5%, or 50 million, for foundation management.
5%, or 50 million, for platform development and operation.
Total issuance of Pacific


The strategic layout of Pacific
e business scope of Pacific ecosystem covers the global digital asset investment users. It has set up independent trading business or operation centers in Thailand, Singapore, the United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions, and is committed to gradually implementing the global mapping of Pacific main network, completing the docking and development of all-round applications, Pacific incubator will focus on high-quality digital asset investment opportunities, carry out high-quality project incubation, and provide more than 100 pairs of trading and investment services of digital asset categories in the ecosystem, so as to truly achieve scenario landing application and win-win ecological diversity.

Global investment users


Global coverage

Global celebrities support and head media information
Pacific: applying high frequency trading technology to digital assets for the first time
December 2022

Project demonstration and establishment team

December 2021

UOP , Gladstone and capital provide support

July 2021

Complete the research and development of high frequency trading products

June 2021

Pacific online, test run

June 2020

Strategic cooperation with JPMorgan Chase and Goldman Sachs Group

March 2019

Pacific Gladstone listed on the New York Stock Exchange

Risk warning and Disclaimer
This document is only for the purpose of conveying information and does not constitute investment related opinions. Pacific analysis does not constitute investment decisions or specific recommendations. This document does not constitute any form of investment proposal, investment intention or abetting investment, nor is it any form of contract or commitment. Pacific has made it clear that the relevant intended users clearly understand the risks of Pacific. Once investors participate in the investment, they will understand and accept the risks of the project, and they are willing to bear all the corresponding results or consequences. The Pacific team has made it clear that it will not bear any direct or indirect losses caused by participating in the Pacific project.
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